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First Steps In Game Guide
Mar 20, 2011 - [ 4:14 PM ]

Welcome dear adventurer, merchant, maritime player.

The beginning off the game may seem simple, hey lets sail around and do some quest, kill or trade a bit and become rich and powerfull.
Think again this game is probably one off the hardest MMO's out there.
To help you out this guide will tell you the basics off UWO game.

1) Finish all 3 basic schools as quickly as possible.
At the end off the 3 basis schools you will receive an adventure, merchant, maritime card. Keep them on you.
places where to take basic school:
Amsterdam, London, Lisbon, Seville, Marseille, Venice

2) Time to move to intermediate school again try completing adventure,merchant,maritime school.
You will now get 2 adventure,merchant,maritime cards.
Places where to take intermediate school:

3) Time to use your cards.
critical is: Make a decission now what your goal is, you need to be specialise in this game in one off the 3 classes, this doesn't mean you don't need skills from the other classes. There our musthave skills and optional skills in the game.
Way to obtain skills is 2fold.
Either by looking up where you can find a specific skills and buy it at that place if you meet the criteria or buy skills using cards.
The card way is defintly the most fasted and advised way.
You'll notice you'll have a limited amount off skill slots, don't worry you will get more skillslots upon reaching a higher lvl.

Section 1:

Musthave skills:
- Body language (8/10/0) obtain in john dee estate in london, for adventures this skill is less advised but still a good one to buy.
the skills uses vigour replacing languges you don't have enabling you to talk to npc's where you don't have the language off.
Adventures do need a specific language for the archives though.
- Account: A skill that can only be obtained by switching to a merchant class at a merchant guild and by then talking to the merchant guild master again to buy the skil
function: enable you to see market rates/haggling
- Sail handling: similar way to obtain then account but in the adventure guild
function: upon using you'll be autosailing immediatly.
- Steering: increases ships turning speed and prevents mine damage
Places to obtain: Seville/Marseille/Alexandria/Istanbul/Calicut(Maritime GM)
- Repair:Use one material to recover durability of fleet member and own ship. The higher the rank the more recovery.
Places to obtain:London/Lisbon/Marseille/Naples/Venice

Advised skills
- Caution (for adventure and merchant players):
Avoids beeing ambushed
Places to obtain: london, venice,genoa, seville (merchant gm)
or by using a card.
- frugality:
skill that lets you ration food/water while sailing
places to obtain: Lisbon/Marseille/Genoa/Athens/Naples (merchant gm)
or by using a card
- Socialibilty (for merchants/adventure  AND maritme who trade/report quest  on the side)
Enables you to talk to certain people whitout having a certain formality lvl, very usefull to invest in certain cities to unlock certain goods that will only appear upon investing. also used to report quest and discoveries easier.
Places to obtain: London/Lisbon/Marseille/Venice (merchant gm)
or by using a card.

Section 2: Planning Ahead

You won't have a lot off skillsslots in the beginning but you'll obtain more later on try to get the ones from section 1 and combine them whit some off them below.
Planning Ahead so you don't have to use a lot off cards at the guildmaster to change jobs to obtain skills.

- Local Trading skills (Merchants AND for Maritime/Adventure who trade on the side)
° Fabric Trading => grind other skills to obtain or use a card
° Firearms Trading => use a card and switch to chandler to obtain
° Spices Trading => grinding off other skills to buy it in india later on
° Jewelry Trading => grinding off other skills to buy it in india later on
° Luxury trading => grind other skills or by using a card
° Alcohol trading => especially usefull for merchant card quests.
- Melee Skills (for maritime melee players and for merchants/adventures whit intrest)
° Plunder => grind/card
° Assault => grind/card
° Rowing => grind/card
° Swordplay => grind/card
° Guard => grind/card
° tactics => grind/card
° Gunfire => grind/card
° abordage => grind/card
° surgery => grind/card
° Leadership => grind/card
- Cannon skills (for maritime cannon players and for merchants/adventures whit intrest)
° Gunnery => grind/card
° Balistics => grind/card
° Accuracy => grind/card
° Penetration => grind/card
° Reloading => grind/card
- Adventure skills (for people intrested in adventure quests): (to be updated)

4) Now you obtained some basic skills and some skills that will be usefull for you later on in the game, try planning the usage off cards as good as possible.
Suppose you get sail handling but don't want any other adventure skills then go to adventure gm switch jobs to get sail handling and then go to the next gm to switch jobs using an other card to get skills. Planning is everything!
You know have a specific job, you'll notice that the job you have has some skills containing in them.
This means there favored skills, skills that are favored will take half the amount off time to reach a new lvl so make sure you end up using your cards in an area where you want to specialise in.
For exemple you want to be a maritime melee player who does some trading on the side:
a) you switch to adventurer and get sial handling
b) you switch to a merchant job to obtain account/frugality/....
c) you use other cards to get other skills that seem important
d) you end up using a card to switch to brigand to obtain skills that are melee based and where the skills are favored, means less grinding.

5) Time to go to advanced school, this school is located in pisa, goal is to at least complete the school off the class where you want to specialise in.
Its also adviced doing school off the other 2 classes at least if you still have intrest in doing one off the two on the side.

6) Gratz you finished school and you'll obtain a nice uniform which gives you a specific bonus

7) Woot i can play the game i am graduated and i know everything, think again you now know the basics off the game, now its up to you by talking to people, looking up information on the internet you'll obtain more information that you may need in the game. School is only basics ofr  the rest you need to learn to try to get legit information from legit persons/sites.

GL! and enjoy

Mar 20, 2011 - [ 4:10 PM ]
Thank you everyone!
Mar 21, 2011 - [ 1:53 PM ]
Nice Info! Thx
Mar 21, 2011 - [ 9:34 PM ]
possible to move this to tips and guides section seems usefull...
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