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Level Requirement   :  
Adventure Requirement
Trade Requirement
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Skill Price   :  
70000 D
Description   :  
Expert Skill
Favored Skills
Food Trading
Seasoning Trading
Quest to obtain this job

Sao Joao
May 20, 2011 - [ 4:22 AM ]

I'm interested to become Chef (trade class) but I don't know where and how to get the quest. Here on Olous, a read that to be chef I need to give 200 (steamed cod in wine) to the port official in Stockholm witthin 30 day.

So, to be sure I will not be short in time, I cooked my 200 cod before to go in Stockholm.

But now that I'm here in Stockholm, nobody give me any quest (not even the two port officier)

My question is : Where can I get the mission to became Chef, and do I need to be in a trade class to be able to get and do this quest ?

ty for reply
Sao Joao
May 20, 2011 - [ 6:32 AM ]
Ok, I found the mediator giving quest, but he didn't offer the one needed (food for soldiers) So, should I do quest there until the right one is in the list ?
May 21, 2011 - [ 5:30 PM ]
Buy your self some QMP (Quest Mediator Permit) which will reset the quest list each time you visit. As a example you visted and saw some quest but not the your one so you use a QMP and its reset the whole quest list. then you get new random quest again. so you might need to use many of them. So for getting the quest with more luck you need to get this skills at first.

Cooking : 5 lvl
Language : Nordic

Good luck. hope you get it and become a Chef.
Jul 17, 2011 - [ 3:32 PM ]
A couple other things that I was told before I did this.

Need 3000 cooking rep.

The quest is a rare quest for the town. So someone suggested investing in the town. So I did, I invested once, went south to the town there(didn't have the item to reset investment). Came back invested again, looked at the quests, didn't have it, used a QMP, and it was there. I would have invested at least once more if it hadn't turned up so quickly.

Can't say that investment helped, but from what I've heard, this is pretty fast for this rare quest.

Also, you can buy the steamed cod from the Clerk (in the tavern) in London. That's how I got most of mine. I couldn't fish up nearly enough cod.
Jul 17, 2011 - [ 3:41 PM ]
All that said, I don't really like the skill set of Chef, and am not sure I want to use the license! Right now I'm an animal trader, which as two skills I don't want to drop. Accounting, which I think is critical to ALL traders (I'm really confused why it's been dropped here), and Animal Trader. I get most of my cooking level ups from buying livestock right now. So the license sits in my inventory taking up space.
Aug 14, 2011 - [ 3:17 PM ]
green, you can still keep Accounting (and you should). Being a favored skill raises the maximum level from 10 to 15. And so, a Chef class is superior to an Animal Trader, because the Chef can create better recipes.
Nov 29, 2011 - [ 1:52 PM ]
Ok I got the quest after investing 60k and using 2 QMPs and I recomend
getting the stuff before starting the quest. London has a great stock of 85 just go to and from Den Helder to get them in speed.

I just did the quest at 13:00 Gmt on Tue 29th of november.

Good Luck and
I hope you get the quest
Jan 27, 2012 - [ 8:15 PM ]
I got the quest from Stockholm without investing (though I did use 2 QMPs). Best way in my opinion to go about this is to bring 120~ wine from the nearest source and fish for your cod south of Oslo. It's cheap and it doesn't take long to make the necessary items. You need around r3+ fishing to get 2~3 cod at a time (correct me if I'm wrong).
Feb 21, 2012 - [ 3:29 PM ]
Why does Chef have observe as a favored skill?

Or for that matter why would ANY job have it as favored, R1 is max.

Replace observe with Livestock trade and you've got a winner
Jun 26, 2012 - [ 5:08 PM ]
got it the first time i went u only need cook r5 and body language/nordic easy job just buy em in london
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